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Buying a Home?  We are here to assist you in answering any questions you may have about buying a home…  feel free to leave us a note!   Homes sales are up in the last few months, however, we are not out of this economic crisis yet as banks move forward to release more foreclosures.  On the up side, sales are moving in the right direction.   And, there are still deals out there for a buyer!

Where to Start?  First things first…  the best place to begin when considering buying a home is with a Lender!  It is so important to know your credit score, the price range in which you qualify, your comfortable mortgage payment and the your costs towards closing.  A loan officer is qualified to do just that.  Feel free to contact us to get started, we have a list of Lenders for you to choose from.

Now that you have spoken with a lender to find out your comfortable price range, let’s move on to our next step.  Tell us, what are you looking for in your new home?  Number of Bedrooms? Bathrooms? Square Footage? Garage? Housing needs?  We have the ability to search according to your desired area too:  town, school district, golf courses, distance for work, etc.

We will then locate listings for you to view.  What’s next you ask….  Let’s go shopping!!!

Keep in mind while we look that you may not find everything you are looking for in your new home.  The thought of outweighing the Pros & Cons should be considered in each home you view.   Existing homes may need repair and/or renovating and you’ll have to consider this when looking.   It’s a good idea to write your thoughts down about each home while you are viewing.  House buying can become very overwhelming, Ridgewood Realty is here to help you stay organized & ease your stress.

You’ve fallen in love with a home,  That’s wonderful!!!   It’s time to do our homework on the home, get out the paperwork & prepare your offer.  Remember, in today’s market homes are selling quickly!  Buyers are finding themselves in multiple offer situations and need to be savvy about their offer.  Ridgewood Realty will prepare comps on the home for you and let you know our opinion of where the home is priced in it’s current market.  Once you review the comps, it’s your decision of what your purchase offer will be.  We’ll be here to guide you and help you get the best price possible.

Come on back…  We will be updating our blog with tips & suggestions in the home buying process soon!