About Us

Honesty…      Integrity…      Hard Work…      Realistic…      Personal Attention…      Realistic…  

Down to Earth…   Respectful…   Team Player…   Cooperative…    Accessible…

Those words are a few used to describe the cornerstones of business as the decision was made to create Ridgewood Realty, a firm that was started by experienced Realtors who realized that times are changing in the real estate market.

The information age has produced more savvy and informed buyers and sellers than ever before.  The recent economic challenges have required buyers, sellers, builders, and realtors to join together and work for the best interest of all parties.

We believe that a real estate transaction need not be an adversarial situation, but rather a positive experience where we all work together in a respectful and creative manner.

Therefore, the goal of Ridgewood Realty is to do everything possible to meet the needs of our clients regardless of their situation.  Our mission is to be…     

Client Centered.     Service Focused.     Excellence Driven.

We believe that when we live by that mission, success and satisfaction will be experienced by everyone that we serve.